Bulk Actions in studies

For large studies, it would be more efficient to combine custom segments and Bulk Actions to manage your panelists. You can follow our Study Segments and Filters guide to access and create custom segments. But if you'd like to dive into the Bulk Actions in studies now, we'll discuss each bulk action in this guide.

Bulk Actions can be accessed within the study in its Overview sub-page, within any segment. The panelists you'd like to perform the bulk action must be selected first by ticking the checkbox that appears when you hover over their names. If you'd like to select all panelists, click the ticked checkbox icon beside the Full Name column header. Once the panelists have been selected, you can click the Bulk Actions button, then select the action you'd like to run from the drop-down options. 

Here are the bulk actions that you can use:

Edit respondents

This feature can edit multiple panelists' participant status and custom study attributes details simultaneously. You can't edit their panel properties from here but if you'd like to do so, you can follow our Bulk Actions in the panel guide.

If you select Edit respondents from the Bulk Actions drop-down, the Bulk edit respondents pop-up will appear. This is where you can edit multiple respondents' details simultaneously by following the steps below:

  1. Within the pop-up, click the drop-down button below Field to update then select from the options.
  2. The New Value field is dependent on the Field to update. Hence, the input options for this field can be text, multiple choices, drop-down, etc. Indicate the New Value.
  3. Click the Update respondents button.

Mass Edit Session Time

Assigning or editing session time for multiple respondents simultaneously can be done using the Edit respondents bulk action as well. From the Bulk edit respondents pop-up, 

  1. Select Participant Session for the Field to update drop-down.
  2. Click the drop-down button for New Value to show all available sessions. Click a session to assign it to the selected respondents. 
  3. Click the Update respondents button.

Pay respondents

Panelfox currently offers payment processing features through Tremendous. You can connect your Tremendous account by following our How to set up Tremendous guide. 

If you're not processing payments directly from Panelfox, you can still track payment status, including the amount paid.

To pay respondents, select Pay respondents from the Bulk Actions drop-down. The Bulk Pay pop-up will appear, containing the names of your selected respondents. Follow the steps below to start paying them incentives:

  1. Select the Payment action by clicking the drop-down field below it. You can choose either Pay using Tremendous or Mark as paid.
  2. Add the Amount ($ USD) by typing on its textbox.
  3. Click the purple button. If you selected the Pay using Tremendous action, this button will be labeled as Confirm, pay $[amount]. If you selected the Mark as paid action, it will be labeled as Mark as paid.

You can read more about paying incentives to respondents in our How to pay incentives guide.

Assign to user

If the study requires close monitoring or talking to the panelists via phone calls or other medium, you can assign them to users. 

To do this, select Assign to user from the Bulk Actions drop-down so the Assign to user pop-up appears. Then, click the name of the user to whom you'd like to assign the panelists to. You can use the search bar if there are a lot of users on your system. If not, all of their names will be listed on the pop-up. You can also un-assign from here by clicking Un-assign from the list. 

Export responses and file submissions

Your panelists' responses and file submissions, such as documents and videos, from screeners can be exported in a CSV and .zip files, respectively.

To export: 

  1. Select Export to CSV from the Bulk Actions drop-down so the pop-up where you can select the details you'd like to import will appear. 
  2. Tick the checkboxes for the details you'd like to import to select them. You can also click Select All and Deselect All for quicker selection of all of the details for each section. 
  3. After selecting the details, click the Export CSV button to export responses into a CSV file.
  4. To export file submissions into a .zip file, click the Export Bulk Files button.
  5. Panelfox will compress all files in a .zip file. Once done, click the Download Files (.zip) button that will replace the Export Bulk Files button.

Remove from Study

If needed, you can remove panelists from the study by clicking Remove from Study from the Bulk Actions drop-down. A pop-up will appear at the top of your screen where you can either confirm or cancel the action. Click the OK button to proceed with the removal.

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