Tremendous Integration

Panelfox can be integrated with your Tremendous account, to automatically send incentive payments from your Studies directly to respondents. 


These need to be done before you're able to successfully integrate Tremendous.

  1. At least 1 funding source. You can follow Tremendous' Funding sources guide to set this up.
    • Bank account is preferred. Please ask Tremendous to "enable bank account access via API" after you add it as a Funding Source.
    • If you use a Credit Card, you must have a “balance” on your Tremendous account. If you have a credit card but 0 balance, the integration will not fulfill an order.
  2. At least 1 campaign.

How to Integrate

Once you have all three, you can integrate your Tremendous account to Panelfox. Go to Settings > Integrations then click Connect on the Tremendous card.

Set up Tremendous for a study

After you've connected Tremendous, the next step is to set it up for a study before you can start paying incentives to your panelists. 

To do this, open the study that you'd like to set up with Tremendous. Then, go to its Study Settings. You can select the Tremendous campaign you'd like to use for that study by clicking the Tremendous Campaign drop-down then selecting from the options.

To start paying incentives to your panelists, follow our How to pay incentives guide. 

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