Panel properties

Panel properties are used to store data on panelists so that you can easily filter and identify the best participants for your upcoming studies. There a few ways to add panel properties to track more details about your panelists. Panel properties are intimately tied to uploading panelists and creating surveys.

Data Types

  • Text: Good for storing short open-ended data, such as first name, last name, email, address, and more. Max length is 299 characters.
  • Long Text: Good for storing long open-ended data. Max length is 50,000 characters. Note: It is not possible to change the type of this Panel Property after it is created.
  • Number: Constrained to storing numbers, such as year of birth, annual salary, or number of children.
  • Date: Constrained to store a date value, such as Date of Birth, or Last Contacted At.
  • True or False: Stores two options, true or false. This can be used in place of "yes" and "no".
  • Single-select (Dropdown): Stores a closed-ended list of options, only one can be chosen for the panelist. Good for storing pre-defined lists of data which you want to keep standard, and filter for in the future - such as gender, country, income range, or highest level of education.
  • Multi-select (Checkbox): Stores a closed-ended list of options, multiple values can be chosen for the panelist. Good for storing pre-defined lists of data which you want to keep standard, and filter for in the future - such as types of cars owned, interests, subscribed-to streaming services, or alcohol preferences.

How to create a panel property

  1. Go to Panel > Panel Properties, then click New Property.
  2. Write a Title, and select a Type.
    1. If this is a single-select or multi-select property, you will then define Options.
    2. The Label should be "human-readable text" (e.g. Full Time Employed), and can be changed. The Value is auto-generated, and can not be changed.
    3. Here is an example of how to create an "Employment Status" single-select property.
  3. The new field will be available for all past and future panelists.

Defining multiple choice properties from existing panel data

Data uploaded into your panel can get messy fast, so if you are uploading a closed-ended property such as Gender, this is the way to configure it.Here's how you can change a text property type to either a single select or multi-select property type and use previously collected data for that panel property as options:

  1. Go to Panel > Panel Properties.
  2. Click the Edit button for the custom text panel property you'd like to convert to either a single select or multi-select property type.
  3. The Edit property window will pop up. From here, click the drop-down button below Type then select your preferred type.
  4. Click Populate options using panelist data.

  5. Data collected from previous surveys for that panelist property will automatically be added as options.

Other places to create a panel property

In Panel > Panelists

When viewing your panel, you can add a custom field by clicking the drop-down button at the top right of the page. Then, click + Add Property.

In Panelist Profile

Similar to the previous process, you can find the + Add Panelist Property button within the panelist view by scrolling to the bottom of a single panelist’s profile.

In a screener

Follow this article on Two-way sync in a survey.

Delete Panel Property

To delete a custom field, you can navigate to your Panel > Panel Properties. Here you can select to delete any of the panel properties you created.

Navigate to the field in question (note that default properties like First Name, Last Name, Email and Phone Number cannot be deleted).

Panel Property Groups

Panel properties can be organized into groups. The screenshot below illustrates 3 example groups: Contact Info, Engagement, and General.

You can also drag & drop the groups to set a custom order of how they show up on a panelist profile.

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