Two-way panel property sync

Two-way sync is a way for your surveys to communicate with your existing panel data, and vice versa.

From panel into survey

For example, you can automatically pre-populate answers in surveys if this data already exists in your panel. An example can be the panelists name, email, phone number, gender, DOB, and much more - they can skim it over to see that it's correct and move on to finish the survey.

From survey into panel

You can also save screener answers into the panel. For example, if you launch a new study and you ask a survey question about the types of vehicles people own (and this is not in your panel yet) - you can start saving this data to make your panel more valuable.

Turn on Two-way sync

  1. When within a study and creating a screener within Screener Builder, click Add element.
  2. Once you have added a question, click Settings , and check the checkbox beside Two-way panel property sync.
  3. Then either choose an existing panelist property, or click New Panelist Property (Optional: read a more detailed explanation of panel properties).
  4. If your question is Text/Number/Date (anything open-ended), then you are done.
  5. If your question is Single-select (Dropdown) or Multiple Choice (Checkbox), your next task is to click Populate answer options from this property. The goal of this step is to match the Panel Property Options exactly to the Survey Answers. If you do not do this step, there is a high chance that the survey answers will not properly save to the panel.
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