Panel Sign-up Forms

Creating a new form

Important: Create your Panel Properties before you create a Sign-up form. This is most important for Two-way sync.

Panel sign-up forms act like screeners, and result in panelist signups. You can create a panelist sign-up form in Panel > Panel Sign-up

Here's how:

  1. Click the New Form button.
  2. Add a Title and Description on the pop-up, then click Create form.
  3. Add pages and elements, and customize dialogues and form settings through the three sub-pages: Form Builder, Redirects & Language, and Form Settings.
  4. Associate this form with a Panel of your choice.

Associate a form with a panel

If you want the respondents to be added to your panel, be sure to associate this form with a Panel.

Adding questions

Important: The most important step in working on Sign-up forms is ensuring all questions are set up with Two-way sync.

This is what a blank form looks like:

Below are the actions that you can perform within the Form Builder:

  • Add elements - elements are the questions or the statement that panelists provide information for.
  • Add elements in bulk - Click the Paste screener button to open a popup and write/paste your questions.
  • Add and remove pages - add pages by clicking the Add page button. Once a page has been created, you can access more controls by clicking the three vertical dots at the page header.
  • Preview - see how the form will look like when a prospective panelist opens it by clicking the Preview button

Redirects & Language

Customize button labels of the form. You can also use the rich text editor to customize automatic messages that the prospective panelist will receive after they have filled out the form.

Additionally, you can set up where they will be automatically redirected to if they are either confirmed or disqualified after filling out the form. To do this, turn on the respective toggle bars for confirmation and/or disqualification. Then, add the link to the page where you want to redirect them to. 

Form Settings

Editing information about the form such as Public Title and Public Description can be done within the Form Settings sub-page. In addition to this, you can also get or create a shareable link for the signup form as well as show it on the profiles of existing panelists.

Get a public link and share the form

Make sure this form is associated with a Panel. The signup form can be accessed through its shareable link found in the Form Settings sub-page. You can click the Copy button beside the link then share it as is through your different social media or messaging platforms. 

Creating a customized link (vanity link)

For a more personalized and easy-to-remember link, you can create a custom link by clicking the Create custom link hyperlink. A pop-up will appear where you can type your custom link. What you type here will be attached to the end of ""

Hence, the custom link for this example is:

If you're sharing to multiple platforms, you can track the source of panel signups through the link. Read the Merge Codes section of our Hidden Values article for more information. 

Show Signup Form on Panelist Profiles

You can have multiple signup forms for different purposes such as General Signup, Vehicle information, Family information, etc. You can make all of these accessible in the panelists' profile by turning on the toggle bar beside Show in Profile.

The panelists will see all the signup forms with this setting turned on in their profile as shown in the image below.

View Individual Sign-up Answers

If you scroll to the bottom of the Panel > Panelist Profile page, you'll be able to click "View Answers" from a specific sign-up form.

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