Hidden Values

What are Hidden Values?

Hidden Value allows you to store data in your survey that your survey respondents are not able to see.

The "Default Value" will be saved in the survey response, and you can apply "Show or hide question" logic to either save or skip this "Default Value".

Example: Set logic here to act on the answers from 2 previous questions, to set a label for the respondent (e.g. married male).

Merge Codes

You can pass data into your screener from the URL by setting a Default Value of  {url("REPLACE_URL_PARAMETER_HERE")} .

For example, if you wanted to capture which social media platform the respondent came from, you could copy or create a custom URL from the Public Details section of the Screener Settings

Then, before you share it to any social media platform add "?social_media_source=platform" at the end of the link. The resulting link would be like this if you're sharing to Facebook: https://panelfox.io/s/population_survey?social_media_source=facebook

Also, make sure that there's a Hidden Value element included in the screener with a Default Value of {url("social_media_source")} .

After the screener is answered, the resulting data will look like this:

The "social_media_source" part of the link can be replaced with any identifier you'd like to use, just make sure that it's the same identifier you will add on the Default Value of the Hidden Value element.

Logic Based off Panel Data

You can use Hidden Values to show or hide questions based on existing panelist data. For example, you can show different questions to panelists of a different segment. To accomplish this:

  1. Create a Hidden Value element.
  2. Set Two-way panel property sync to the panel property of your choice

  3. This is what the panel property for our example panelist looks like. In this example, it is set to 2.

  4. Then create the question you want to apply logic to. Add Show or hide logic based on a value of the previous question.

  5. To preview the logic for a panelist, make sure they are added to your Study. Then hover over their name, and click the More icon, then click Open screener.

  6. You should see the logic working.

  7. If you're having issues, you can temporarily change the Hidden Value answer to a Short Answer, to see what value is being pulled from the panel.

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