Survey Redirects

In order to track whether a Panelist completed a specific 3rd party survey, you can try one of the methods below. We are not able to capture response data from a 3rd party survey (e.g. first name, last name, etc).

Option 1: Send email with link to 3rd party survey

If you are using a 3rd party survey tool, and want to redirect the panelist back to Panelfox to mark the survey status - your 3rd party software must have the ability to accept URL parameters (i.e. query strings), and also redirect those same URL parameters back to Panelfox.

Configure Panelfox

  1. Create a Study
  2. Create a Screener in the study
  3. In the new screener's Email builder tab, create a link to the 3rd party survey tool, and use {StudyPanelistUuid} as the user/token identifier.

    (NOTE: Make sure to use StudyPanelistUuid and not PanelistUuid).

    The 3rd party tool will have instructions how to pass an ID to them from your panel tool, for example:{StudyPanelistUuid}

Configure the 3rd party survey tool

  1. In the 3rd party survey tool, create a redirect link back to Panelfox, using this format.



    1. Replace FILL_IN_SCREENER_UUID with the text you find under Screener Settings > Screener UUID. It will look something like ab8f4856-722a-4cd0-b5f7-b75b483e1de9.
    2. Replace FILL_IN_MERGE_TAG_FOR_StudyPanelistUuid with the mapping your 3rd party survey tool provides, such as [ID] (this is used in Optimal Workshop). Your final redirect link may look something like this in the USA[ID], or in the EU like[ID]
      1. In Optimal Workshop, follow this documentation
      2. In Survey Monkey, use a combination of Custom Variables and Redirects

Send the email from Panelfox

  1. In Study > Overview, you can now send the screener email. Panelfox will update links from{StudyPanelistUuid} to something like
  2. Respondents will be able to click on the previous link, answer the survey, and be redirected to Panelfox automatically. Now in Study > Overview you'll be able to see that they "responded" to that screener.

Option 2: Simple redirect to a Panelfox screener

If you are not able to redirect back to Panelfox with a URL parameter.

  1. Create a new Study, and then create a new Screener in this study.
  2. In the screener, click Add Element > Contact Info, which will add 4 two-way synced questions.
  3. Go to Screener > Screener Settings, and update Who can take the screener? to Anyone.
  4. Scroll down, and copy the Public Link, which you can now use as the "redirect" from your 3rd party survey system.
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