How to send personal email and SMS

Communicating with panelists via email and SMS can only be done within a study. Hence, you will need to add panelists to a study first before you can send them messages. You can create a study specifically for communicating with panelists, then use that study like an email or SMS list.

To send a personal email or SMS to a panelists, go to the Overview page of a study. Then, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the name of the panelists for whom you'd like to send an email or SMS to.
  2. Their study profile will pop-up. Type your message on the textbox at the bottom of the right panel of the pop-up.
  3. To add an attachment, click the paper clip icon. Your computer system's file explorer will pop up. Select the attachment.
  4. After typing your message and adding an attachment, if applicable, click the Send message button.
  5. Select Send Email or Send SMS from the drop-down options. 

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