Adding panelists to a Study

This guide outlines the requirements and steps to add panelists to a study. 

The pre-requisite is that there must be existing panelists added in your company's pool. If there’s none yet, you can read our Adding and uploading panelists guide to know how. 

But if there are already existing panelists, continue with the steps below:

1. Navigate to the Panel page. Its Panelists page will open by default. All of your company’s existing panelists will show up here in a table format.

2. To select any of the panelists, tick the checkbox that appears beside their name when you hover your mouse cursor over their row. You can select multiple panelists at once.

3. If you'd like to select a certain number of random panelists, click the ticked checkbox icon beside the First Name column header. Choose Select count from the drop-down options

4. A pop up will appear where you can indicate your needed number of panelists by typing it on the text box. Tick the  Randomize checkbox then click the Continue button

5. After selecting the panelists, click the Add to Study button

6. A pop-up where you can select the study will appear 

7. You can type the name of the study on the search box to quickly find the study you’re looking for. The pop-up will automatically respond to your search and will only show related studies.  Click the study you’re looking for when it appears 

8. The panelists will then be added to your selected study

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