Quota Grids

Quota Grids are real-time reports of segmented panelists, or focus groups, based on the quota rules you set. You can think of them as client grids, and even share them with your clients. You can use it to see how many panelists belong to the the focus groups you've created, if you've reached the minimum or exceeded the maximum target number of panelists. 

Focus groups are panelists with any or all of the following:

  1. Same attributes based on their answers to screeners;
  2. Same status in your research, i.e. scheduled / re-scheduled / cancelled; or
  3. Same attributes and status.

Application of Quota Grids

Here's an example of a Quota Grid application:

Panelfox is conducting research to determine how it helps a client company in their qualitative research & recruitment activities. The study requires at least 5 long term employees from different departments. To check if they met the requirements, Panelfox might create a Quota Group similar to the one below. If they don't satisfy the requirements, they can take appropriate actions like inviting more panelists.

Creating new Quota Groups

Quota Groups can be created in the Quota Grids sub-page of studies. To create a quota group:

  1. Click the New Quota Group button. You can also hit the N key on your keyboard.
  2. Type the name for the quota group on the dialog box that will pop up at the top of your browser. Then, click OK.
  3. Select when to calculate, or count panelists, from the Calculate When drop-down options.
  4. Add one quota rule by clicking the + Add Quota Rule, then naming it on the pop-up dialog box. 
  5. To add multiple quota rules at once, click the + Add Bulk Quota Rules button. Each rule should be on separate rows.
  6. By default, rules will have a Min value of 1 and a Max value of 5. You can change this by clicking the three vertical dots for the rule, then clicking Edit Rule from the options. From the pop-up, you can edit the rule's Title, Min value, and Max value.
  7. Add filter/s to each rule by clicking its three vertical dots, then selecting Edit Filters from the options. The process for adding filters in quota groups is the same as that of creating tabs in a study.

View respondents in a quota rule

To view respondents in a specific quota rule, click View within that row.

It will show you a list of corresponding individuals.

Export Quota Grids

You can export the grid data to a CSV file by clicking Export on Study > Quota Grids.

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