How to filter past participation

Panelfox only marks panelists as having  participated in a study if they have a Completed or Scheduled status within a study, or if they have a scheduled session or have been assigned an interview spot. You can follow our Updating Respondent Status guide to update a panelist's status, while you can read our Study Scheduling guide for more details on scheduling.

If you'd like to view which panelists have, or do not have, past participation, go to Panel > Panelists. Then, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the + Add Filter button. If you'd like to view those with past participation, select Scheduled In Study from the drop-down options. Select Not Scheduled In Study instead if you'd like to view those without past participation.
  2. A drop-down list will appear containing all studies. Tick the checkboxes beside the studies that you'd like to use for the filter. The filter condition will update based on your selection.
  3. After filtering, only those that fit the filter conditions will be listed in Panel > Panelists.

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