Study Scheduling

Scheduling respondents can be done by you or by the respondents themselves. If your team and respondents have limited time to meet, you can set-up pre-defined timeslots or sessions in Study > Scheduling that the respondents can pick from so you can set aside a time that works for both parties. Otherwise, you can set Availability Type to General Availability.

To start scheduling respondents, follow the steps below:

Set Custom Schedule

Whether the Availability Type is set to General Availability or Sessions, you'll be able to set custom schedules for respondents by:

  1. Within the study's Overview sub-page, click the name of the respondent you're going to schedule.
  2. Click + Choose Session
  3. Click Set Custom.
  4. Select a date and set a time on the Choose a date & time pop-up. 
  5. Click the Save button.

Assign Sessions

To schedule candidates manually, open a study then click on the panelist name.

Click  + Choose Session on the pop-up window then select from the drop-down options.

Respondent Local Timezone

You're able to update the panelist's time zone, which can be different from the Study Timezone. All reminders and confirmations your Candidate receive will show them their local time zone.

Respondent Scheduling Themselves

This Calendar Event section will be used in reminder emails.

Update the Request Email section with content you want the candidate to receive.

Respondent Cancelling or Re-scheduling Themselves

If you want the panelists to be able to cancel or re-schedule by themselves, go to Settings > General. Scroll down to the Panelist Experience section, then turn on the toggle bar beside Allow panelists to reschedule & cancel sessions. This will be applied to all of your studies.

The respondents will be able to re-schedule or cancel by clicking the reschedule or cancel hyperlinks at the bottom of the automated session reminder or confirmation emails sent to them.

They will also be able to see these links below the session schedule for that study when they're logged in to their Panelist Profile.

If they click reschedule, the scheduling page, where they can pick a new session, will open in a new tab.

If they click cancel, a page will open in a new tab where they can proceed with cancelling the session. They can proceed by clicking the Confirm, cancel this session hyperlink. They can just close the tab if they don't want to cancel.

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