Video submissions in screeners

Panelfox provides a way for your respondents to record videos with their desktop, laptop, or mobile webcams.

This is an add-on feature, please contact support to enable it.

Requiring video submissions in a screener

This is what the admin-side Video Recording question looks like.

Click the drop-down field and select from the options to change the maximum duration of the video that your respondents can submit.

Submitting a video

This is what the respondent-side Video Recording question looks like. Respondents will be asked to allow their webcam to record.

A timer is present during recording to let the respondent know how much time they have left. The recording will automatically stop when the time has elapsed.

Accessing and downloading video submissions

To collect the video responses, navigate to Study > Overview, and look for the View video link in the table. Clicking it will open the video in a new tab where you can download it by clicking the Click to Download Video (.mp4) hyperlink.

For bulk download of submitted files, such as documents and videos, follow our Export survey responses guide.

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