How to track where respondents answered the survey from

Panelfox allows you to track where your respondents are accessing the survey from, if it's shared publicly. This could be helpful when you're tracking which of your social media platforms are driving traffic to your study the most. 

Track via URL

  1. Within the Screener Builder of the survey you're creating, add a Hidden Value element by clicking the Add element button, then selecting Hidden Value from the drop-down options. 
  2. Add a question on the textbox below Question
  3. Add a default value in this format  {url("URL_PARAMETER")}.
  4. The URL parameter could  be anything as long as it's the same with the text that you will add to the end of the link later.

  5. After you've created the Hidden Value, generate a public link by going to the Screener Settings tab. 
  6. Make sure that your screener can be be accessed publicly by clicking the drop-down field beside Who can take the screener?, then selecting Anyone (even people outside my panel) from the drop-down options.
  7. You can copy the auto-generated Public Link within the Public Details section right away, or create a custom link through the Create custom link hyperlink before copying.
  8. Before you share the link in public, add "?URL_PARAMETER=platform" at the end of the link. Hence, if the public link is "" and the platform you're going to share it to is Facebook, the link that you're going to share in public should be "". The "social_media_source" in the link is the URL parameter that you used in step 3. 
  9. Here's what it would look like when you've received a response from that link:

Refer a friend

You can gather referrals and trace them back to the original respondent by following the Hidden Value guide above, and then sending an email that appends a Merge Tag that contains the referring respondent's email to the survey you want potential panelists to answer. Once a new respondent answers the survey, the Hidden Value (which is an email, captured via URL) will be loaded and saved along with the response.

Save the referral to a panel property

You can save the Hidden Value to a panel property, so that you can view it or search for it in the profile.

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