Panelist Tags

Tags are used to link panelists to certain topics. You can add tags to multiple panelists simultaneously using Bulk Actions. You can also tag panelists one-by-one through their profiles.

Tag multiple panelists simultaneously

Here's how you can tag multiple panelists at the same time:

1.  On the Panel page, select the panelists you want, then click Bulk Actions > Tag panelists.

2. A pop-up will appear where you can search for or create new tags by typing on the textbox within it. The  Create new tag: "tag" button will appear if you're using a new tag. Click it to create the new tag and assign it to the selected panelists.

3. Existing tags will appear below the search box. You can click any of the tags to assign it to the selected panelists.

Add or remove tags on the panelist profile

Open the panelist's profile. The tags associated with the panelist can be found within the Tags section. You can remove any tag by clicking the x button on the tag.

To add a tag, click the Add tag button.

The Select tag pop-up will appear, the existing tags are shown on a list. You can assign any of these to the panelist by clicking it. 

If none of the existing tags are applicable, you can create a new one by typing it on the textbox then clicking the Create new tag: "tag" button when it appears. The created tag will be automatically assigned to the panelist.

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