Custom Branding

On paid plans you're able to fully brand your Panel experience - logo, primary colors, email and screener footer, and screener background.

Customizing your brand can be done in Settings > General > Branding

Your Logo

Upload your logo will be used as the header in emails and screeners. 

You can add yours by clicking Upload image within the Branding section. Your computer system's file explorer will pop up where you can browse for and select your logo. Then, the logo will be uploaded almost immediately. 

Your Colors

The primary and secondary colors will be used for buttons and links.

You can add primary and secondary colors by typing their hex codes in their respective textboxes within the Branding section. A preview of the color will appear beside the textbox. 

Email Footer

This will automatically be added to the bottom of any email that you send out. You can put your contact details here, important links, notes, etc. 

You can add an email footer by typing on its textbox within the Branding section.

Screener Customization

You can customize your screeners' background and footer. This will be applied to all the screeners that are currently active and those that you will create in the future.

To upload a background image for your screeners, click Upload image beside Screener Background within the Branding section. Your computer system's file explorer will pop up where you can pick the image. To add a footer to your screeners, type the footer on the textbox beside Screener Footer within the same section.

Custom Domain for Emails

Your panelists can receive emails from your company's domain, such as This feature is included in your base price, please refer to the article here.

Custom Domain for Surveys

You can have a custom domain for your surveys that panelists visit, such as or This is a paid Add-On, please reach out to to start this process.

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