Custom Study Attributes

Viewing Custom Study Attributes

Custom study attributes are like panel properties but are only confined within the study. These will appear on the pop-up profile view when you click the full name of the panelist within the study's Overview subpage. You can use these to keep track of important details about the panelist that are relevant to the study such as submitted documents or phone call notes. You can also add these to study templates for re-use.

The custom study attributes also become column headers within the Overview sub-page of the study so you can see them at a glance. 

Creating Custom Study Attributes

To add custom study attributes, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the study you're working on. Then, go to the Study Settings sub-page.
  2. Within the Custom Study Attributes section, click the + Create Attribute button.
  3. The Edit Custom Attribute pop-up will appear. Type the name of the custom attribute on the textbox.
  4. Select the custom attribute type by clicking the drop-down button below Type, then selecting from the options. The type can be Text, Single-select (Dropdown), or Multi-select (Checkbox).
  5. Click Save.

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