Track respondent IP and country

During panelist registration, or when they first answer a screener or sign-up form, their  Registration IP and Registration Country panel properties are automatically tracked.

You can view a panelist's IP address and country by opening their profile then scrolling down to Registration IP and Registration Country. 

If you're in Panel > Panelists or the Overview page of a study, you can sort the panelists according to these panel properties by clicking the related column headers.

These two panel properties can also be used to restrict your screener's availability in certain countries. More information about this can be found on our Restrict availability by country guide.

Find duplicate IPs

To find panelists who have duplicate IPs:

  1. On the Panel page, click Add Filter.
  2. Choose Registration IP.
  3. Choose has duplicates.
  4. Click Done.

To find respondents in a Study by IP, you can follow this guide.

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