Screener Quotas

Quotas are limits you can set for the number of responses your survey collects. They can be set up on the overall survey, or on a given question or segment.

Quota Types

Overall Response Quota

Use this quota type to limit the total number of completed responses for your survey.
Example: We need a maximum of 50 responses for the entire survey.

Logic Quota

Use this quota to collect a limited set of responses for people who match a specific set of logic (e.g. filters). Example: We need maximum 25 males, and maximum 25 females to answer the survey.

Create a Quota

  1. To create a quota go to Study > Screeners > Any Screener > Quotas.
  2. Click New Quota.
  3. Select a Type, and set a number for Maximum responses.
  4. Then click Create.
  5. If you created an Overall Response Quota, you are done. If you created a Logic Quota, you need to add Filters. Click Edit on the quota you created, and then Add Filter to add the filters you need. To save, click Update Quota.

If Quota Is Met

Once that quota is met, new respondents and respondents actively answering the survey will no longer be able to view the survey. They will see a message like this:

Monitoring Progress

You'll be able to monitor progress of your quota on the Screener > Quotas page.

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