User Management and Permissions


User membership in Panelfox is handled at the organizational level. The system is designed so each user has a single Panelfox account, which can then join one or more organizations. Each user should have their own account, where they can manage their personal preferences, including notification and security settings.


Member roles dictate access within an organization.


  • Unrestricted access to the organization, its data, and settings.
  • Can add, modify, and delete panelists and studies.


  • Can add, modify, and delete studies.
  • Can add, modify, export panelists, but can not bulk delete panelists.
  • Can not add, modify, or delete panelist columns (i.e. Date of Birth, Zip, etc).
  • Can invite users to the organization.


  • View-only access to Panelfox.
  • Can not make any changes besides to their own user profile.


  • Can only view panelists, with emails redacted.
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